New to AWS, anxious about exam, how to prepare?

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So for the past few months, there has been a lot of buzz among my friends in the IT world about AWS Solution Architecture.

So I decided to start learning about it, and that lead me to Acloud Guru. I spend March 2018 going thru the videos, labs, taking, notes, and compiling a study guide with all the exam tips.

I have now taken notes, and have gone thru the labs, and feel I am still unprepared. I want to sit the exam in the next week or so, and am doing the ACG practice exams.

Is it worth it to memorize the exam tips before going in. I am also reading the FAQs and White papers.

Is there anything I am missing?

All help is greatly appreciated, if you can share how you prepared after watching a course...


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    If you can, see if you can try a practice test outside of ACloudGuru. I love their material, but their quizzes are a little incomplete.

    I personally already have a Linux Academy subscription. Their tests alone are enough. Amazon themselves also offer practice question sets (free) and practice tests (cheap). There's also Whizlabs and I believe Pluralsight has some quizzes too.

    Try not to spent too much money on practice exams. But if you already have access to any of the above materials, definitely go thru the questions. The score will help you gauge how much you know the material. Also you can review afterwards and figure out 1) why all the correct answers were in fact correct and 2) why the wrong answers are wrong.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
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