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Looking for suggestions for CBT training for Linux+.


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    I have used several CBT's from CBTNuggets.com. Specifically the whole W2K series, the CCNA series, the SSCP and the Sec+. All are top notch (though the Sec+ is boring - not any fault of the instructor on the video, his CCNA was great, but rather the dry "non-techie" nature of the Sec+ itself). Another recommendation is a CBT I used for a college linux/unix course. I really liked it, it's Course Technology's LabSim for Linux+.


    For the price (looks like less than $50) it is a steal.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have the Course Technology Linux Guid to certification. Had to buy it for a class I'm taking. The book had Fedora Core 2 . I'll check both references.
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    Check out http://www.vtc.com

    They have a Linux+ course that you can take online or you can buy the CD.
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