Passed CISSP first attempt

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I attended CISSP test. I thought I failed but result shows the opposite.

Study time frame:
- 4 months. total time spent: 300 hours.
I postpone the test once by 4 weeks due to cruise with family.

Study material:
- Sybex book 7th edition
- Conrad CISSP 3rd edition
- Kelly Handerhan from (watched end to end once; replayed a few section multiple times, listened to mp3 while driving)
- Sunflower summary 2017 - I'm feeling it integrated the key points and answers to some practise question.

Practice Test.
- All the Sybex book
- Sybex practice
- Conrad question
- McGraw-Hill Education. way too technical in my opinion.

My practice score varied from 75%-85%.

Anyway, I started testing early morning. The 1st question was so easy, just like free lunch.
Then nightmare then started and lasted for 30 minutes. I saw lots of question packed with terms never mentioned anywhere. others questions can be elimiated to 2 very close answers, which I had to choose one. POTENTIAL FAILURE just haunted my mind, then I forced myself to go on. later some familiar questions popped up, I believe I made some progress there. My struggle eventually stopped @100 minutes / 100 questions. I was surprised to see the congratulation word on the paper somehow!

I recalled 50% of the questions after test. I cannot mention the question, while hope below highlights are helpful:
- Most questions are multiple choice, but I encountered a few match question.
- 30%-50% question can be answered with your hard knowledged from book, grab as much as possible points here.
- Many question has the word best/most etc. which means you have to choose most proper answer.
- Many questions don't have direct answer from book. You have to answer the most proper answer by reading question in and out and combining deep understanding and experience.
- Understood Kelly's test tips thoroughly.


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    You mind sharing your background/experience in IT/cybersecurity?
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    Could you let me know how you got the mp3 version of those videos? Thanks!
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    I have been working in IT industry for around 20 years: 19 years in development, so I am familiar with 2 domains also.
    Just started to focus on InfoSec since last August.
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  • roxerroxer Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Could you let me know how you got the mp3 version of those videos? Thanks!

    I think they are talking about the audio of the course which is available for free on the site.
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