Passed AWS DevOps Professional Exam

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I've had way too many distractions lately. Didn't study for this exam as much as I should have but ended up just scheduling it. "If I pass, awesome. if I fail, it's the best practice exam money can buy." was the mentality I took. Went in last weekend and passed. Honestly, the lowest score on any certification I've gotten and was definitely 1 or 2 wrong answers away from a fail. But a pass is a pass. And it recertified 2 of my lower level associate-level AWS certs.

I got a 65% on this by the way. :)

I used the ACloudGuru videos and went through half of the Linux Academy end-of-section quizzes. I didn't have time to take an actual practice exam. I paid for Whiz Labs practice exams and didn't end up even logging into my account. Ha.

Haven't posted a Passed thread in a while and thought to do this one on a whim. Hopefully I'll have the option to publish 1 or 2 more later this year since I'm going to try to force myself to take a Linux certification (or 2 or 3) at some point (whether it be Red Hat, LPIC, or Linux Foundation).
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