My first I.T related certification

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Hello fellow Techexams' members!

I just recently signed up to get my OSCP with 90 days lab access which will start on Sunday, It's is going to be my first I.T related certification.

I graduated with an English Language and Linguistics degree, weird, no?

Well, long story short I wasn't able to get a degree related to computers due to my low grades back in high school lol

I've learnt a lot on my own, specially when it comes to web application pentesting.

I want to ask the ones who got the OSCP already, in the exam did they have both a linux operating system and windows operating system when it comes to Buffer Overflow?

And what general advice you guys got for me, and what if I wanted to start my I.T career now. Is it too late for me? and what about my degree not being related to I.T, would that affect me much if I got the experience and certificates?

Thanks a bunch!


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    It's never too late to start on a career in IT. I got my first real IT job at 36.

    And as far as what your degree is in, I don't know where you are in the world and what the employers there want. But here in the U.S, it seems like having a degree is simply a yes/no question for many. They'll obviously prefer an IT related degree, but it doesn't hold anybody back. Having the right certifications, and the right experience as you progress in your career will hold more weight than your major in college.
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    alan2308 wrote: »
    It's never too late to start on a career in IT. I got my first real IT job at 36.

    Got mine at 41. My degrees are in architecture and technical writing.
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    Thanks for the inspiration guys! Regarding my BOF question, will we use wireshark in anyway in the exam?
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    I haven't yet taken the course or the exam but I am preparing to and have spent a good amount of time researching it. I don't know for a fact, but based on what I've read on the internet, I believe that the exam does not remain static and is changed around for different test takers. I've never seen someone publish detailed **** walkthroughs on the exam. I haven't explicitly looked for this, but I also haven't stumbled upon it either and likely I would have by now if such a thing exists publicly.

    So no one knows for sure what kind of machines and vulnerabilities they'll get on the exam.

    Considering that WireShark, Linux buffer overflows, and Windows buffer overflows are all in the PWK training course, I am certainly going to take the time to learn how they all work beforehand.

    I also get the impression that the exam will require creating a solution to something that wasn't exactly covered in the training course, but all the tools to figure out how to do this are covered. So no skipping any tools or concepts for me.
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