Security+ 401 material not in Gibson book ?

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I have just found the TechExams website and have been using Darril Gibson's book as my study guide for the Security+ 401 exam.

Is any of the exam material not covered in the Gibson book ?
If yes, where is a good source for learning the uncovered material.

I am wondering because the practice TechExams practice exams for Security+ 401 include information I cannot find in the Gibson book. For instance:

Port numbers and names:
119 ... NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)
1812 ... Radius authentication
1813 ... Radius accounting
4000 ... ICQ
5000 ... Yahoo Messenger

SIP protocol
RTP protocol

Beyond the Gibson book what else should I study as preparation for the Security+ 401 exam before it expires ?




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    gilesitisgilesitis Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    See this:

    There may be some Linux-related questions:

    Linux Permissions and Security+ | Get Certified Get Ahead
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    Everything you see in Gibsons book will be covered in the exam. There may be a little twist on the wording of some questions but other than that the book is fine.
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    At this point, when I take non-Gibson practice tests, I have his book open in another window. If I come across a question that I'm sure I've never seen before, I do a search to see if any of the answers have been mentioned in Gibson. If not, I guess, but if I get it wrong, I recalculate my score at the end by excluding these questions.

    I started doing this after scoring 65% on some random practice test several months into my studies. It was too demoralizing to see that score, even though I knew it was due to missing questions on rogue apps over dialup connections.

    I felt justified after I saw a user post to Darril Gibson that he was getting terrible scores on MeasureUp even though he'd used his book, and Gibson replied that he didn't write the book to cover the MeasureUp tests.

    This method may not be foolproof, but it's better than shifting my focus onto irrelevant areas at the expense of subjects that I know will be on the test. My brain only has so much space.
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    Hi All, studying for the 401 which is scheduled for May 5th. Been studying for about 4 months or so with Messer, Udemy and Skillport video series.

    Also reading Gibsons book. Pretty great except for no Unix coverage at all. Barely even mentions IPSEC AH, ESP and gre, and yet one of Performance questions asks about those. And they aren't on the port table. Also using Mike Meyers test prep from Udemy and he's got some really vague questions. Other test sources I've used I can confidently answer 99% of the questions. I took gibsons online tests and saw unix questions and kinda panicked. I knew some of it from A+ study.

    Oh, and there's wrong answers in the book. Chapter 2 question 8 for example. His answer says Guards, but the obvious answer is Bollards. Its correct in the audio, but if someone doesn't get that how will they know?

    I'm looking to try and find specific things. Such as, a listing of the ACTUAL steps in chain of custody. Not the vague theory part, but actual full out step in order.

    Meyers also has some stuff about Documentary Evidence, Exculpatory evidence and so on. IDK why I should need that...but do I?

    Also, one of his questions really bugged me about Fail Open when it comes to electronic doors in an emergency. His answer was "door are secured so that people may leave, but not enter without a key"

    Any other source states that "doors are open" basically. Which I imply to mean that the doors are actually locked in an open position so people just walk right on out.

    So...hoping to find info to fill some of the holes I have. Right now I'm basically just taking test preps to answer as many questions as I can in different formats to test knowledge.
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    justarandomusernamejustarandomusername Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    mklein2836 wrote: »
    Oh, and there's wrong answers in the book. Chapter 2 question 8 for example. His answer says Guards, but the obvious answer is Bollards. Its correct in the audio, but if someone doesn't get that how will they know?
    Just a typo. I just looked in my Gibson book on page 129:

    Chp 2, question 8
    Thieves rammed a truck blah, blah, blah
    How prevent?
    A. Bollards
    B. Guards
    C. blah
    D. blah

    Page 133 Answers
    Question 8 answer is B - Bollards - Bollards are effective barricades, blah, blah, blah

    The letters A and B are mixed up, that's all. So if you're only looking at the answer letters I guess it would confuse you. But the answer description is a paragraph talking all about bollards. Not defending the typo, just saying if people get confused and start reading the answer/investigating it, I'm fairly confident they'll figure out it's a simple typo.

    I could see your point about "wrong answers" if it said:
    Question 8 answer is B - Guards - Guards would be effective against thieves ramming a truck into a building because armed guards have machine guns and could shoot the thieves while they are driving. So always use guards to prevent ramming. Bollards is incorrect because bollards do not have guns and wouldn't be able to stop a truck since they can't shoot the drivers.
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