Taking test on 4/21 but havent studied yet

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Funny question to post, I am sure. But here goes. Took the CEH in Dec 2016. Bought the CEH study guide.
Getting foot surgery tomorrow, then I am off of work until 4/23. So, is it feasible to bunker down and study until 4/21 for the test? I am using the voucher for to sit for the test so no money out of pocket if I crash and burn, but dont want to. Should I reschedule, or is there a viable plan to study 4/11 to 4/21 and be test ready. I did pass the Sec+ in 2016, so the concepts are not new.


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    Of course it is feasible, but only you can know how feasible it is for you. I don't know anything about your background besides that you have Sec+. If you don't want to crash and burn then study until you feel comfortable enough with the material to sit for the exam. I think the Boson practice exams are a good indicator of where you are so give that a try and schedule your attempt accordingly.
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    Plus you will have foot surgery and taking some drugs to manage pain. Will you be able to retain information? I have had 2 friends who have had foot surgery and they couldn't do anything for about 2 weeks.
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