Check the Candidate ID on your Pearson VUE letter

mmcabemmcabe Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
I'm taking Security+ in about three weeks, and yesterday I happened to look at my appointment letter while filing some papers. I made the appointment months ago and hadn't realized my Candidate ID was listed as "First Name Last Name First Name."

I've read enough about issues with names and IDs in this forum to know I wanted to check this out. This morning I called the Pearson VUE center where I'm taking the exam, and they verified that my name is correct in their database. Maybe whatever got messed up was fixed when they assigned my CompTIA number, because my profile is correct as well.

So all's well that ends well, but in the meantime, save yourself some angst and verify your name with your exam center. It's not the sort of issue you want to discover the night before your test.

(As an aside: I also drove to the center this weekend [before I saw the letter problem], just to make sure I knew where to go and where to park. Many years ago, I had to test at a center in another state. Little did I realize the exit would start backing up miles in advance. I missed the exit and ended up in a residential neighborhood filled with happy schoolchildren and no office buildings in sight. In those pre-GPS days, I have no idea how I found my way back to the center with mere minutes to spare AND passed the test. But I'm sure I used up all my luck with that episode.)
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