CHFI (9 April 2017) - Failed

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Took the exam through it is supposed to be V9 but felt like a lot of things in my studying were left out.

Signed up for SkillSet and 20 minutes into their material it says I am already 65% ready for the test. The other material I had seems to have been more ready for CHFIv8 due to some other technology like Encase.

Taking this for my Master's at WGU so not interested in opinion about the quality of the exam. (won't go on the resume)

I am doing Skillset right now but imagine I will be 100% in an hour or so according to them.
I bought the Sybex kit to go through that.

My biggest problem is I am a security-minded professional at work already but I focus on Linux based systems. I have some vms set-up and can play in Multiple environments if needed.

Any advice? I have to retake this before the end of the month.


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    Well I guess the Sybex kit was for CEH so that is a bust. Looks like the only available hard copy resources are from CEHv8 so open to other suggestions.
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    I hate that I have to give this advise, but the issue is ultimately with EC-Council, so here goes.

    You need to study the exact topics that you were uncertain on. I mean that very literally. You need to study the exact topics, down to the very questions you had on your first attempt, if you want to pass the next attempt.

    Use the official CHFI guide available to you in WGU. Scan through it and stop every time you spot something you remember from the exam. Make a study sheet and copy over the information on that particular topic. Go all the way through the text this way. When you're done, you should have a 20-25 page document. Study that information till you've got it down.

    EC-Council wants you to believe they have a large pool of questions and you might get a completely different exam next time.

    If my experience is correct, that's not true. The question pool is very small.
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