Any experiences with Boson courseware?

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I used their exams back when I went for CCNA and thought that they were pretty good, especially the ICND1 exam. I am shifting back to focus on my CCNP (Since my CCNA expires this year) and happened to get an email from Boson with a discount code. I have no experience with NetSim, their labs, or their "courses" - so I thought I would ask here. I see a lot about their practice exams not much about NetSim.

I have a Safari subscription, so I have access to most of the NP study guides. In addition to that, I have the INE CCNP course and Chris Bryants course on Udemy. Is there anything that Boson could add there? Or am I better off sticking to their exams only?
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    I dont think the Boson courseware is worth the $ tbh. I tried yo use the courseware for CCNA, but the information was more of a summary. INE, CB, Official cisco docs and books should be more than enough. If you are looking for labs, try the CCNP-level labs from the Cisco Learning Network Store. They are $100 for each test. Also check out INE's labs. Your CCNP videos from INE shouldve came with a workbook as well.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I am talking about the courseware. The netsim labs and examsim products that they offer for Cisco certs are pretty good.
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    I've used Boson practice exams quite a few times. My first experience was CCNA Security (210-260) as part of my Stormwind subscription from my previous employer. I have to say that if I didn't use Boson, I would not have passed. I also used them for CEHv8, and the 2015 version of CISSP. Personally, I have not been disappointed by them, but as always, YMMV.
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    I received Netsim as part of my Stormwind training. I used it a lot, I went through most swims twice. I just passed switch this week. The bundle I have came with everything all the CCNA and CCNP simulations, so I was able to go back and refresh with some of the ccna topics.
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