Passed CISSP today.....what relief.

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After 2 failed attempts, starting October last year, I decided to try again and finally I got it. Like many other posts here, I was under the impression that I was going to fail it once again. So may questions about things that I have not seen in any of the books/materials I used. During my exam I could feel my heart pumping way above its normal. The time was not enough for me, as I could only respond 149 questions. Some people say the test would finish at 100 questions if you’re passing, but it was not my case. I had to go thru all of them. Guess all the 25 questions that don’t count came first.

My study materials is probably the same as many of the members here. I used the dreadful ISC2 CBK book, Eleventh hour, and some chapters from Mike Chapple’s book.
I also watched Kelly Hendehan course from Cybrary and Mike Chapple’s vídeos from I’ve got access to thru my Public Library in Canada. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos to help me understand some topics that I could not understand just from the books, such as SOC reports, Common Criteria, attacks and others.

I have always been on the Security engeering side of IT, so I listened to some of the people when they say that you have to think like a manager when taking this exam and do not try or fix things. It was hard but I was able to see that during my exam today.

Best of luck to everyone trying this certification and never give up. Like I said to my wife, even if I had to spend 10K to get this certification, it was worth. Thank you all. icon_cheers.gif


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    bowing.gif Congratulations! This exam is a toughie. Like you I'm one of those in the 150 question club that passed (March 29th so still pinching myself) so I know how you feel.

    Happy Spring!
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    Congrats Kabbra, so you were able to avail of the Public Library resources. Which part of Canada are you from? I know that Sari Greene videos are available online for Toronto Public library. It was also recommended in one of the threads here. What about the practice test you use?
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    Thanks anthonx. I used my Toronto library access to get those videos, including Safari Online and, and both can be accessed using your mobile device.

    For the practice tests I used Total Tester, Pearson test and Sybex, both using the Questions book and the phone app. These tests only helped me with the basics, as I found them to easy and not as hard as the ones in the ISC2 CBK book, which in my opinion, are closer to the real thing.
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