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Hi all,

I have a quick question with regard to showing Pearson VUE your ID before taking an exam. I have taken exams before, but these were a few years ago and never online either. I may be being a bit paranoid here, but Pearson VUE's stern wording has made me think ;) I'll explain below.

When booking my Microsoft exam online for an Online Proctored exam it says that when you take the exam you will need to show the Online invigilator (if that's what they call them) a photo ID. It states though in bold and red that the name on the ID, MUST MATCH EXACTLY, to your name on your Microsoft/Pearson VUE booking. My queston is, my government issued ID, both my drivers license and Passport have my full name including my middle name. I don't use my middle name for anything else really, I think it's only on my drivers license, Passport and stuff to do with the tax office. I never use it in my day to day life so to speak.

Will it matter that my ID has my first name, middle name and surname, yet I'm registered with Microsoft/Pearson VUE with just my first name and surname. I don't ever recall it being a problem, but have no idea if this is a new thing or not.

If anyone can offer any idea of whether this matters or not, that'd be great.

Thanks :)


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    I would call your testing center and ask them. They can look up your appointment and tell you whether that's OK.

    I did this mostly to fix an issue with my confirmation letter, but also because I want all my test-day focus to be on the test, not administrative hiccups.
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    You can't show your government ID I thought. Call the center.
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    Just show the ID and a driver license thats how it works. Maybe you can call Pearson Vue so they can modify your account and put the last name.

    Good luck!
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    It really depends on the testing center coordinator. Some are ultra strict with the rules, others have a more lax attitude.
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    I also don't use my middle name but it is on my IDs. Never had an issue at Pearson Vue. They do check the photo though.
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    Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. Just to clear up something, as a few have metioned test centres, as I put in my first post this is an online proctored exam so I'm taking it at home and showing the online coordinater/invigilator my ID through my webcam. It sounds like I should be ok from the comments on here, but as mmcabe mentioned it may be worth getting in touch with them then and see what that say to be fully sure.

    I appreciate the replies, I'll triple check then with Pearson Vue and report back so others know for the future :)
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    Sorry for the delay in reporting back. Having a middle name on your ID, but not on your Pearson Vue and Microsoft Account, is no problem at all. I checked with Pearson Vue beforehand, took my exam (and passed thankfully ;)) and it was no issue. So, if anyone ever wonders about having middle names that are on your ID (such as Passport/Driving License etc.) but Pearson Vue and Microsoft have no record of your middle names, it doesn't matter at all when they go to check your ID when you do an online exam :)
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