CISSP Passed!

franziskanerfranziskaner Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
I managed to pass the CISSP at the first attempt last week, it was somewhat a surprise as I wasn't feeling too confident going into the exam.

I found the time management aspect made me really anxious all the way through the exam. I was expecting to have to answer around 150 questions, so wanted to aim to get to 100 within about 2 hours. Felt like I was rushing quite a bit, then I was shocked the exam finished on question 100. I thought that must be a good sign, it was such a relief to see the print out saying I had passed!

The first 5-10 questions seemed pretty straightforward and I started the exam feeling nice and relaxed, then it just seemed to become very tricky! I didn't feel overly confident about a lot of answers after that.

I used both Conrad books as my main study material, watched the Cybrary videos once, and used the Sybex book to a small extent to look up some topics I got wrong on practice tests. I used the cccure and official tests app as well for practice questions.


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