Cisco Configuration Professional Discovery madness

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Please forgive me in advance...

My expertise is in Fibre Channel Networking, I am playing with VOIP mostly for fun...And I am looking for a sanity check...

I have a 3560G-48 Switch running Version 15.0(2)SE9, which is connected into a 2821 Router on Version 15.1(4)M8, and I seem to have them largely configured the way that I need them to be...

I am trying to get them both connected to Cisco Configuration Professional V 2.8 running on a Windows 10 Pro desktop;
I have resolved the issues with Windows 10, and with Java, and have ensured that I am starting as administrator.;

The application open correctly, and is able to create the connection to the far so good;

The issue appears to be discovering the 2821... The process fails with an error message indicating that the 2821 is not supported; I am having a hard time reconciling that with the release notes which state the following...



Cisco 2800

Cisco 2900

and ...

[TH]Router Model[/TH]
[TH]Minimum Cisco Configuration Professional-Supported Cisco IOS Versions[/TH]

Cisco 2800 series

Cisco 2900 series

Is there something I am missing here??

My boot image is: c2800nm-adventerprisek9_ivs_li-mz.151-4.M8.bin...

I had thought that K9 in the filename indicated that it contained the cryptographic functions, but I am connecting in the "insecure" method...

Is is simply complaining that I am trying to connect to a K9 image?
Do I need to downgrade to a non-K9 image to get this to work?
Or is this a Red Herring?

Many Thanks in advance!



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