Very Confused, in need of some guidance

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I've been using this site for a while, but this is my first post. Most folks here seem very knowledgeable, so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out. I graduated from college with a BS in CompSci two years ago. In the intervening time, I had a hard time finding technical work (I was living in a very small town and the few companies that had work wouldn't hire without experience). Hoping to get my resume in order, I found work at a small break/fix place and got my A+ and net+ out of the way.

I finally managed to find a helpdesk position with an MSP and my head is spinning. During my first week on the job, I'm getting a look at how deep the rabbit hole really goes. I'm currently making next to no money and cannot pay the bills. I love tech and have no problem spending time studying to get certs/ learn to do new things, but I need skills to pay the bills.

I really need some guidance on certifications that I can get going forward (everyone at my job has microsoft certs, but the amount of studying required and lack of educational resources for those are really intimidating me). I'd like to work my way into a cloud / network security role in the long term (possibly AWS).

TLDR: CS degree, A+, and net+. Just made it into helpdesk role with MSP, but need to acquire skills so that I can make some semblance of a paycheck. What certs should I get going forward? (I'd like to do cloud/network security oriented things, but I'm willing to take a detour as I'm feeling a financial strain in my current position)
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