Provisionally Passed CISSP

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I have been a silent observer of this great forum for a while and it helped me with my CISSP journey so I decided to give back to the community.

I took the exam and provisionally passed yesterday but I was so tired after I finished, I just came home and slept hence I am writing this today.

My exam ended after 110 questions, I have to admit, I kept thinking I was failing all the time and my heart sank after I passed question number 100 and the exam continued because I have seen people in the past reach that number and pass. When I got the result, I cried, I just collapsed and cried.

It was a hard but also fair exam, you really need to understand the concepts, learning things by heart just won't cut it. Know your stuff and you will be good to go.

Materials used:

[h=1]* . CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide and Official ISC2 Practice (GREAT!!)
* . 11th hour (Great book to read the night before the exam to fill in the gaps)
* . Kelly Handerhan CISSP course. (thank you Kelly!)
*. Larry Greenblatt 2018 online class . (Absolutely Awesome, Live long and prosper Larry !!!)
*. Boson practice tests (if you have money to only buy one practice tests, buy these, absolutely great and they really test your knowledge)

The best material by a mile, was Larry Greenblatt CISSP online class and the follow up post class practice questions and review, Larry does an absolute fantastic job in explaining each topic clearly with a hint of wonderful sense of humour of Spock and Kirk interact with each other (Sorry I am a big star trek fan). I have to say that I would have not got through this without Larry's awesome help and the class. The night before the exam I could not sleep, so I got up and did some of the BOSON practice tests and watched Larrys CISSP 2018 exam tips presentation, absolutely awesome:


I wish you all the very best of luck and success in your CISSP journey.

Live Long and Prosper !!



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    Were the practice questions you used as convoluted as the ones on the real exam?
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    congrats! What is the cost for Larry's course?
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    Congrats! So which Star Trek TV series do you like best? icon_lol.gif
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    CE1028 wrote: »
    congrats! What is the cost for Larry's course?

    Link and cost?
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    Thank you all for your kind words and sorry for the late reply. I decided to take a couple of days off and just sleep and rest, it has been a long 4 months of study.

    [FONT=&quot]in regards to Larry's course costs. The List price for the Live Online class is $995.00 but I believe The May 21-25 class is only $495.00 due to a sale (I saw Larry mention it on his linkedin feed which I follow). The Prerecorded class is $99.95 and the 1-on-1 review goes for $450 but I believe it is included in the May 21-25 class special.


    [FONT=&quot]Fore more info, please go to sales at [/FONT]internetworkdefense.com

    Wish you all the very best of luck!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Fantastic! Congrats.
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    Well done!
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