Taking the A+ exam...........

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Looking to take the exam........

Have not been to any type of school for computers but, I have been doing a wide range of computer stuff from web design to computer repair for people.

What is the best method for preparing for something like the A+ exam?

Is the test extremely difficult?

Just asking here because I wanted some insight before I begin moving chess pieces.......


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    one of the best resources I used for my A+, Net+ and Sec+ was this
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    The test is not too difficult if you already have some computer repair experience. There is a lot of content to memorize. Go get yourself an A+ book and begin reading. Also recommend if you have a computer you're able to take apart to use that to get some hands-on experience. Use it to be able to identify components and peripherals, study the parts. There will be alot of acronym thrown your way so some index flash cards can be handy with those.

    Again, it really depends on on experience but it's not an impossible test to pass. I recommend going to Professormesser.com. He's kinda the springboard most starting into IT use. His videos are free (streaming from YouTube) and he updates his content with every new version CompTIA releases. He also has affordable notes that he creates that are also invaluable.

    A+ has been around for a while so you can find a plethora of resources for free online.
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