Passed CySA+ 4-20-2018

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Well that test was a bear. Now on to the CASP and then the CRISC when its available. For study--Sybex book and Jason Dion (Udemy) and Joey Muniz's CSA+ videos (Safari books online). I did the test questions from the sybex testbank, but that did little to get me ready other than understanding the questions. Killer test though.


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    Congratulations. Was there a particular resource you used that helped you the most or was it past learning/experience?
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    Congrats on the pass!!!
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    stryder144 wrote: »
    Congratulations. Was there a particular resource you used that helped you the most or was it past learning/experience?

    I should have elaborated more - to really pass this test and do well, you need to know Security+/CySA+ material AND have some real world knowledge, especially around vulnerability scanning outcomes. Logs were no issue, but understanding how the true/false positive/negatives look in a scan is a must on the performance stuff. Also, there were questions on Linux commands and applications that surprised me even though I have been working with it since RH3. So grab a Linux command **** sheet to help out. But understanding the true/false positive/negatives really bit me more than anything. So to do well:

    1. Everything in the Sybex and Pearson CSA+ books together--both are missing things the other provides.
    2. Know the OSI stack - mainly what protocols operate at what levels (Security+)
    3. Know crypto (Security+)
    4. Know Linux and Windows command line tools - netstat/nmap/dd/ping/ (Sybex and Pearson)
    5. Know how to read a log (they were mostly simplified logs)
    6. Know code (php/SQL/scripting). I did get some web code, but I know php coding and T-SQL :)
    7. Jason Dion and Joey Muinz's videos are good starting points. Jason Dion's Udemy questions were pretty spot on, but not enough to pass.
    8. Download OSSIM or OpenVAS and practice with them. Learn how to read the output.
    9. READ THE QUESTION multiple times.

    That's my take. Already having studied for the Security+, CISM and CISSP really helped me a ton. I am hoping that material slides over to the CASP. I am an old school infrastructure/security hardware guy trying to convert to cyber (I have read the hand writing on the wall). One plus is studying all this has made me much smarter and given me a broader understanding as to the requirements of the two sides of IS. I am shooting for the defend side and will include cloud in my quest. My best advice is to learn and retain what you are learning for the exam--not to just pass the exam. Just my two cents. Sorry to preach.
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    Yup, the PBQs on False Positive, True Positive, False Negative, and True Negative were a thorn for me, as I don't really recall any of the study material I used really go in depth.  As I used Dion's Udemy course, Sybex 2018 book, AIO McGraw/Hill Cysa book, FedVTE course, and Total Tester PBQ's and 300 question bank.  I am almost reluctant to take another CompTIA exam due to these unknowns showing up on their exams.

    Here are some links I found that actually explain it in detail, perhaps this will help you.
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