70-698 difficulty overrated ?

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Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with you, I certainly don't want to be cocky.

10 days ago I asked for a pay raise and my boss told me that he will accept only if I pass the 70-698. So I started to get into it and at first I was very afraid when reading this forum, peoples saying they study for months and used books, videos etc...

I started to watch the cbt nugget courses and wrapped it in 5 days. it when very well and the day before yesterday I decided to book my exam for today and I just pass with 871.

The questions were pretty simple if you ask me, I work as a sysadmin so I have some experience with Active directory and client computer but not that much with windows 10 itself. The cbt nugget certainly did help a lot, they are very clear and complete.

So if you are like me, in a hurry, you have work experience and never been to IT school don't be afraid it's possible to pass this quick.

Now I'm on my way to 697.

Cheers, and sorry for english mistakes. I'm French ;)


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