Preparing for Security+ exam. (501 or 401)?

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Little background, I have A+ and just passed my Net+ a few days ago. I've put in 2 hard weeks of studying to get by the Net+ (which I barely got by on the first try) and now I'm setting a goal to get Security+ 501 done by mid-May.

I'm preparing for the Security+ exam these next two weeks. My friend gave me access to his CBT Nuggets SY0-401 content but I plan on taking the 501 exam.

I planned to go through the Nuggets series to gain more knowledge and use my 501 book for other content that /might/ not be covered in the 401 Nuggets series.

I'd like opinions on the two tests and this method. Will I be alright?



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    Why not are you using the CBT Nuggets SY0-501 content?
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    Why not are you using the CBT Nuggets SY0-501 content?

    because I was given SY0-401 and I'm broke. Not even sure how much CBT Nuggets cost to be honest. There can't be THAT much of a difference with the content, can there?

    I'll take down either one, idgaf. Just trying to get some advice.
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    Quick Google search and outline the differences between the two icon_neutral.gif

    Regardless, here is what I found: https://www.certblaster.com/difference-comptia-security-plus-sy0-401-sy0-501/

    Seems as though nothing really changed. Professor Messer has videos for the 501 exam which should cover the new stuff. If not, the Security+ books are generally affordable now. The "Get Certified Get Ahead SY0-501 Study Guide is $35.
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    I use Gibson's phone app, and it defaults to 501--so I've accidentally taken some 501 quizzes, thinking "Never seen that before..." :)

    It appears there's more Linux on 501, among other things. If you are not at all familiar with Linux, I would stick with 401. I know Linux better than Windows, and I'm still going with 401, because there are far more study guides and sources already online.
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