ACL configuration problems. Help plz!

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I’m doing a lab for school, part of the lab requires I setup 2 ACLs on a router I thought I had configured them correctly however, one of the routers(R1) cannot ping another(R3 fa0/0/) that it should be able to. I have looked in my textbook, googled it, and messaged my professor(3 days and no reply). Any help is much appreciated.
The instructions are as follows:

“Create 2 ACLs on R2 that allow all ip addresses within the subnet and RIP update messages from R1”

Im also given the beginning of the acl statement and left to fill in the blank
“Access-list 20____”

Notes that may help:

My ACL configuration performed:
Ip access-list 20 permit
Ip access-list 20 permit
Access-list 20 permit any
Interface fa0/0
Ip access-group 20 in


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    It's hard to tell but the way you have it lay out your IP address maybe wrong on R3 or you don't have a route to and back from R3. Need some show commands and the running configuration. If you did this in packet tracer you can share it from Dropbox or Google drive.
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