Finally passed Net+ after 2months of studying (not devout)

huzzxhuzzx Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□
Holy crap that was hard. I had to make so many educated guesses. So many trouble shooting questions that I've never seen on these sites/forums/and practice tests.

I also did a 4week 2 days a week training course on Net+, and let me tell you, its absolutely useless. Well...not completely if your completely new to Networking. All it does is give you a BASIC understanding of how networking works. But to pass the exam, you need your own book, a few weeks of self study and fully understand all the objective listed on CompTIA. Because so much of the exam the classes doesn't even mention.

Thx to all those that help, and to this great site as a source and a way for us test takers to communicate and help each other.

On to Xp workstation MCP!


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