TGT vs. Authentication Ticket

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I'm reading Darril Gibson's book for the SYO-501 and was wondering what the difference between these two things were or if they were essentially the same thing with different names based on when or where they are used or if they are provided by Kerberos or not. Can someone explain this for me?

BTW, this will be my second taking of the exam to keep it active and I realize I probably don't need to know things in this much depth but I'd like to know nonetheless. Thanks in advance.


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    Probably the same. While TGT is a thing, I haven't heard about "authentication ticket" ever used as a term. Probably a dumbed down Kerberos explanation. Also could be a generalized umbrella term for all types of tickets, who knows.
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    Looking it up a bit further, I think that an authentication ticket is just a single ticket while a TGT generates tickets for the different things that you may use that require tickets. ​I'm not positive that's accurate but that's the basic idea based on what I have read.
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    RoyalTech wrote: »
    TGT generates tickets for the different things that you may use that require tickets

    Which is, in essence, the process of authentication (proving one's identity). Therefore, TGT, being a ticket, while is used for authentication, IS an authentication ticket.

    But I'm being picky here.
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    They are the same. Windows logs will show ""Kerberos authentication Ticket (TGT)", for example.
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