psychometric testing ?

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I've run into 2 companies lately that are into this kind of thing... personally I question the value of it, but if they want me to see 4 fingers or 5 lights (cough geeek cough).. that's what they'll get...

Has anyone taken a test like that and/or maybe a site handy that deals with that kind of ... thing... ;)


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    ahhh - load of mumbo jumbo crap icon_wink.gif

    All of these college grads with physce majors need something to do aye?
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    icon_lol.gif .. yeah, I guess so... I was tempted to ask them which of the HR peeps had read about that stuff and how old the magazine was...
    ..doesn't matter.. after my initial interview they showed me around the department I would be working in.. that impression already saved me the time on reading up on their mind probing techniques...
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    Unfortunately most of this phsycobabbel is now being proved to be totally wrong. The guys who come up with this crap have to do something to justify their salaries, and if they publish something and it gets read enough then somehow it becomes valid. Next they unleash it on us and we suffer through it for a few years (sometime longer) and then someone actually investigates it thoroughly and it is proved false. By this time many people have shed more than a tear or two over the effects. Even worse, those who refuse to believe that something they held dear was wrong continue to inflict it on us - usually through our education system and our kids end up getting shafted too.
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