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Hello all I have a friend who is a network technician and is trying to move towards CCNA she asked for help but to be honest I don't know anything about Cisco except basic general networking . I was going to start CCNA years ago but never got around to it. are there any recommended resources out there that start at the basics (connecting and logging into routers switches ) that i could point her towards?
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    I would recommend two resources (ones that I am currently using right now). One is the Chris Bryant Udemy videos for CCNA. Two, have her get Packet Tracer from Cisco's Networking Academy. She will have to sign up for their free Packet Tracer 101 course, which can be quite helpful. Once she has both, she can start working her way through the videos and playing in Packet Tracer.
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    I would recommend online training for you is completely a new venture by NG.
    This initiative has been specially taken to serve many students who are unable to join us at the institution but are the very much keen to take the training on Networking.
    NETWORKERS GURU online course offers the same content as in the regular courses.
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