Passed CEH 04/26/2018

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Hi All,
I just passed my exam today, and I wanted to share with you few things:

I've seen a lot of post and confusion about CEH9 and 10.
I bought the iClass in the beginning of Feb few weeks before ECCouncil announce their CEH10. (tip : look for coupons online, I got -20% off)
It got me worried that when I will be ready to take the exam, I will be tested on CEH10 instead of 9... Oh boy i was wrong....
The exam is non version specific !!! icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif
The exam itself is not hard, but not simple either. You have plenty of time to answer and review the questions.
There is some weird worded sentences for sure which will make you scratch your head. (especially for me non native English speaker)
Only drawback for me was using ProctorU, as they do not support Linux... I had to borrow someone else laptop to pass the Test.

Next for me is PTSv3 and I might do PTPv4 (or 5? I fell they will be coming out with a new one).
I will also try to pass CISSP this year if I can but new kid is on the way....

Happy studying y'all !! icon_study.gif


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    Congrats on clearing ceh exam. I completed CEH and enrolled for PTS3 . My plan is to do oscp and ctp :) but I am too early for those exam as I don't have enough experience. So have chosen eJPT and then eCPPT and then OSCP :).
    PTP V3 is pretty good in terms of material and labs. I kinda liked it compared to CEH. Wanted to take CEH Practical but my ATP is not sure what is the cost for the exam. I searched ec-council website too no much detail about the pricing of CEH practical.
    Good luck with your journey :)
  • ArridTatooineArridTatooine Member Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks man !
    I was looking at your posts too and we are kinda following the same path ! icon_thumright.gif
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    From Ec-council:

    If the application is approved, the applicant will be sent instructions on purchasing the exam kit which cost $550 from EC-Council directly.
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    Thanks Rohit. I guess I will skip the ceh practical and focus on elearnsecurity :)
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