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At work, I was told I could grab our old networking equipment we have sitting in our storage closet. I was able to find three 3750, one 48 and 2 24 ports. However, the passwords we have documented do not work. Is there anything I can do, or am I better off buying stuff off eBay.


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    welcome to networking!! For me, first step of using old gear is often a factory reset.
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    ^ story of my life when I had my Cisco lab running and took breaks using it. Must've forgotten pwd and reset it at least 15 times.
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    first of all, all old hardware has a password recovery. Some new equipment doesn't. your organization needs to do a better job with it's passwords. i'd hate to be the one saying a switch can't be fixed until a new copy of the software is purchased because the password that's written down doesn't work.

    for old equipment like what you have just google the model number, google, cisco 3750 password recovery
    and you will get lots of docs that tell you how to do it.
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