Is studying CCNA on your own doable compared to paying tuition for it?

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Is it doable?


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    I do it everyday
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    Any certification is doable via self-study. I have done several including Cisco exams.
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    You do not need to pay for any Cisco tuition. All the resources are online or in print.
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    Which CCNA?

    Doesn't matter, absolutely doable. Just realize that there's a level of marketing focus on the R/S CCNA (which Cisco solution is the best for ...) that largely isn't present on the next level exams.
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    Is it doable without any technical experience? Which online resource do you recommend?
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    That's how you learn the technical stuff to get the experience! Go to the Cisco website and look at the exam topics for the exam. Then study: books, Packet Tracer, videos, practice exams, real equipment if you wish. Lot's of good info on this forum regarding study sources, habits and experiences.
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    Can't speak for the senior exams but CCENT/CCNA is definitely doable via self study. You can even get away with no equipment for the first part of that exam
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    The first networking cert I actually purchased content to was the CCIE, but only limited to INE content, workbooks in general.

    Although it is completely possible not to step inside a classroom, and yet be able to prepare for a cert it does not mean it will work for everybody. Each one has it's own way of learning and assimilating things, but listening to a teacher is just not the way I prefer to study. In the opposite, i know some folks who find it difficult going through a book, and instead watch videos and trial&error labs.

    TL;DR: do whatever works for you.
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    I wouldn't start with the CCNA without any technical experience. I wouldn't pay someone to teach me CCNA in a classroom environment with or without technical experience.
    Start with something like CompTIA A+ or maybe that Google IT support training and make CCNA your self-study goal for next year if it still interests you.
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    Would you be able to get a NOC job if you do the Google IT support training?
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    IMO even paying for tuition/classes is not a guarantee someone will pass CCNA.

    But even i passed it on my own. icon_smile.gif
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    nact wrote: »
    Would you be able to get a NOC job if you do the Google IT support training?

    Look up job ads in your area for positions you would like to do and see what they are asking for. Work on getting those things. Don't over think it
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    nact wrote: »
    Is it doable?

    Yes. All my certs are self-study. Just got to find the time to study.
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    Which resource is best for self study?
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    I dont think there is such a thing as "what (single) resource is best for self study" because it depends a lot on how you (or anyone) learn(s).

    - A lot of online guides are either very dry and boring but have a ton of information, or are very chatty and interesting and have a lot of information too. Some people do better with the "dry and boring" and some people do better with chatty and interesting. For example: INE is good but the speaker tends to be dry and boring. CBT nuggets tends to be chatty and interesting but there are a lot of lame jokes in between the good information.

    - There is no such thing (as far as I know) as a good single source of information. It is always good to get a couple good books, read them. Watch a lot of YouTube videos. Pick a training site (ie. CBTN, INE, UDEMY, etc.) and do the lessons.

    - Get packet tracer and lab as much as you can.

    - If you have access to real equipment, that is bonus.
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    I have gotten my CCNA twice by self study. I purchased (small purchase amounts) trainings videos and such though. I also used gns3 and packet tracer to practice.
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    I sit and watch training videos at work and read the CCENT book in my spare time, Currently just doing it because I wanted to learn more about networking in general as it was a weak point. Not sure if I will even fully pursue the certification due to financial restraints, however since I have started this learning process I have self taught myself a great deal, improved my knowledge and can actually talk about the basics of networking and how everything fits together and works, ( OSI, TCP/IP Model )

    My two colleagues used to put me down because I knew nothing about networking and they were on a better level because they knew how to plug in a switch, make cables. However armed with my new knowledge they questioned my ability again. My senior colleague even joked and said asked me any question about networking.

    I then dropped a few basic questions nothing exotic such as what is a physical address? what is a broadcast domain? How is a switch different from a router?

    I didn't want to embarrass him, But he couldn't answer any and I said I thought you knew networking and walked away......

    He also told me before that studying from books is a waste of time and you wouldn't learn anything.. When questioned on how I obtained my knowledge imagine the picture on he's face when I replied it was obtained through the book you ordered me :)

    morale of the story never let others put you down and keep moving forwards.
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    I've had to self study for all my certs, and I'm even self-studying for the SANS GCIH that I am working on now. It is possible. There are only a tiny handful of certs I am aware of that do not permit self-study.

    ITIL and PRINCE2 Foundation levels allow for self-study, but the higher levels do not.
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    It completely depends on the person and their potential to learn and understand the concepts.

    But yes, completely doable without a doubt. It will take a lot of hard work, dedication, reading, and labbing.
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    I studied on my own because i did not wanted to spend hundred of dollars for training. while i was in my high school I did a part time job in a restaurant to find my exam fee. Didn't had much money left for training. Got cbt videos on ebay (if any one need them
    studied for about 2 months during summer break. did my exam and passed with 830.
    In my opinion if you can spend 3-4 hours a day for studying you will be able to pass your exam without any training. Read the official cert guide as well.
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    I took the Netacad classes for the CCNA since they were part of my degree program, but every other cert I've earned came via self study. And in hindsight, I would rather have self studied. The classes were too long for my taste and always catered to the slowest learner in the room.
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