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Just downloaded my material, video and pdf, from anyone who has taken the journey, whats the best way to approach this cert, I bought 60 days of virtual labs, should I read the materials then listen to video them jump into the labs ? seem like so much to cover , appreciate all comments.



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    Complete the labs first! Maybe take a dive into the labs here and there but the PWK teaches you important things for the lab.
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    I guess everyone's method is different. I'm currently working on this as well. Since time is limited with family duties, I've decided to use this approach, spreading out my study plan across the 90 days of lab time I have available:

    1) Watch all videos once through, more so paying attention to detail vs taking detailed notes. (30-days for 1 - 5)
    2) Read PWK guide once through.
    3) Go back through the PWK lab sections to create myself a lab guide **********.
    4) Perform lab exercises at least once, twice if needed for retention.
    5) Re-watch any material that is not clear, or that I feel I should take more notes on.
    6) Spend the rest of the time (days 31 - 75) performing labs to own boxes (1 - 2 hours per night)
    7) Days 75 - 90 on additional review, report writing prep, and timing to ensure I can finish the exam in time.

    I've heard from someone who took the test twice, that speed at execution is of the essence. So prepping yourself with a timer is a big tip (according to him)
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