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:) :) hi iam 22years old and i have done my bachelors of computer applications and worked as senior tech support officer for 2 years and now iam doing my mcse and ccna.i want to do my masters in networking and network security as well as wireless networkin can anyone suggest which country is the best to do it and which univ if possible.many say london is a good place to do it.i come from a middle class family so i cant afford a lot. :)


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    Hi Rohit,

    I just completed my masters with concentration on Networking from North Carolina State University. There are lot of good schools in US for Networking. NCSU, Perdue, Uni of California at Berkely etc. Think of US as an option.
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    if you are looking for a cheap school, try eastern europe.....countries like bulgaria and romania are supposed to be quite cheap yet quite high in standard.
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