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I don't know anyone who is CISSP and so I am using ISC2 to endorse me which makes the endorsement form input very important.
I kind of hit a wall and i am confused on what is the best way to give them detail job description related to Security duties from the eight domain.
They are asking
Please provide a detailed description of the security duties you performed in relation to this certification

Are they asking for
1. Detail Security task/project you have worked on? (Like Implementing DRP solutions and detail on phases and what you did?)
2. Just a detail explanation. (Like I am the Security Manager and following are the projects I had worked on.....)

Also, what format have you used?
1. Just gave a detail Security job description/project list and let them figure out what domain were covered. (Does not sound professional)
2. You break down the job descriptions/Projects as per the eight domain with timeline, showing them you have been working under this domains for more than five year.

is there a sample form to refer to?

Any kind of input and tips will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


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    If you took a CISSP class chances are really good that the instructor was CISSP. Mine was. I used my instructor to review my resume and to get pointers for the final push. Only because my best friend is also CISSP am I using them to perform the verification.
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    If it were me I would write it in a similar fashion to a job description that you would read when looking for a job. Then after each duty in parenthesis reference the domain/area that you are evidencing) - make it easy for them.
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