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Apologies if this is posted elsewhere, I can't find it after a quick search.

I have my ICND exam on Monday and 1 thing that I can't seem to grasp is positioning of ACLs with regards to in and out (I can get the closest to source, destination etc.., just not the placement).

Does anyone have a good/easy way to pinpoint/remember what goes where?

I thought I had the hang of it, but **** answers give me the impression that maybe I don't fully understand it after all.



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    You have to view the placement from INSIDE the router.

    So if a network is connected to a routers fa0/0 and you don't wan't to allow traffic OUT of that network to another one you have to place the ACL at the inbound interface because the traffac may not enter the routericon_smile.gif

    you could (but that would violate the closest to the destination rule) place it at the out of the serial interface that leads to the internet or an other router.
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    as Jeroen1000 said...

    you are in the middle of the router..................simple as that....middle of the router...don't think about anything are in the a traffic policeman in the middle of an intersection....

    keep that in your head and you'll never have a problem...the center is you!
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