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I'm really worried about some types of questions that are typically found on the CCNA. For the most part, the questions are hard but fair, however, some of the more questionable questions use poor and/or subjective wording.
Example. Choose the "Best " answers.

Cost? Not always
Wire speed? Again, not always. But I missed this one because I only checked the first two.

Here's different kind of question. One where multiple answers are correct but you can only choose one, like this..

But in the question above, both the first AND last answer will work. Example below.

Question like these only serve to make Pearson more money by making people, who otherwise know the material, fail the test, making them come back for a retake. How many questions like these do people see on the CCNA?



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    clarsonclarson Member Posts: 903 ■■■■□□□□□□

    they always tell you how many answers you need to give.

    the current test version is written for a 2960 which only has fast ethernet, no eth 0.
    and the test questions are reviewed for the proper answers. and, even if there is two right answers to a question, you'll still get credit.
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