Which of these 2 MAC addresses has the highest value?

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A question from school:
Which of these 2 MAC addresses has the highest value? (do we have to use groups?)



So which of these 2 MAC addresses has the highest value? Can someone say how to solve this?


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    No conversion. Read from left to right then sort. That simple.
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    I still not understand. I'm beginning with networks...
    Can you explain again. I'm very sorry.
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    Can you work out the exercise a little?
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    What the hell? You want me to do your homework for you? BTW, it takes 3 seconds to look up an explanation for this on Google. Way quicker that creating an account here. Have you at least tried that or did you just go into "do my homework now for me" mode as step 1?
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    It's not from school, its self-learning. But i name it school. So if you react like that, when i want to learn something, thank you very much 6066 post-man! Unbelievable your reaction.

    So if you don't wanna help me, why answer you than? Everything can be looked up onGoogle, so why this forum then? I'm sorrY;
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    And YES i've search on Google. What do you think? That I first asked everything on a forum? But i don't understand very well the explaination on Google about this. So Very Sorry for my question!
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    Are you a mod? Talk to members with "what the hell"?
    I send mods my complaint.
    You're not worth being in this forum.
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    Highest value on a MAC like for what?

    MAC address has 48 bits the first 3 octets are for the factor and the others 3 for the NIC.

    Thats all I know about MACs (for know lol)...
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    Did you seriously google it? Hard to believe. The first 10 hits have links for what you are asking explained on the Cisco Learning Network forums.

    And it's abundantly evident that that 0F comes before 5C reading from left to right.
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