Taking Net+ soon, advice?

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Hey guys,
I'm taking one of the exams for the net+ soon. I still haven't quite decided on whether I should take the N10-006 or the N10-007 as my studying materials are mixed. I have been using the Jason Dion course for N10-007 on Udemy and using the CompTIA Certmaster for N10-006 because they don't have the Certmaster for N10-007 yet. Based off of your experience which exam should I take? Also, what surprises should I be prepared for on the exam? I've heard the majority of the exam is rooted in the OSI model and routing protocols. Any and all advice is helpful.


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    Hey, Though I am certified in N10-006 and SYC-401 I personally believe that using the most current test will always be better then using one from 3 years ago. From what I have heard the new ones are easier due to streamlining the questions to focus on current topics. I also use all of the messer notes and videos for every cert I have taken and I have been successful enough to never have failed one so far. Best of luck to you for the coming exam.
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    Hi, have you taken the N+ exam already? I see Net+ in your profile. Which one did you take? 006 or 007?
    If you have not taken the exam, I would like to add that there are not many differences between 07 and 06. You could as well go for 07 exam. For hands-on practice, you may try Net+ labsim from certexams. Performance based questions are not too difficult to answer, but requires some practice on AP, and DOS commands.

    Good luck!
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