CySA+ vs CEH

raxa.jafyraxa.jafy Member Posts: 17 ■■□□□□□□□□
I have already passed my eJPT and CEH exam and now looking forward to other certifications.

How good CySA+ is ? and those who have studied for both CEH and CySA+ how you will compare these two are they both same or does have difference ?


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    airzeroairzero Member Posts: 126
    CySA+ is very log heavy and the questions are defensive focused as opposed to the offensive CEH. I wouldn't say it's much more difficult, but you do need more knowledge on defensive practices and mitigation techniques as well as good log analysis skills.
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    CIOCIO Member Posts: 151
    CEH is very different from CySA+. CEH focuses on the offensive side (red team) whereas CySA+ focuses on the defensive side (blue team). I would compare CEH to compTIA's new PenTest+ certification.
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    jeremywatts2005jeremywatts2005 Member Posts: 347 ■■■■□□□□□□

    DoD views CeH and CySA+ as equal in all categories except one which CySA+ is listed and CEH is not and that is the IAT II level. CeH does not register in any of the IAT levels now. I think it used to. Will be interesting to see where they slot the PenTest +
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    aliasilyasaliasilyas Member Posts: 11 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I have both certifications and have also taken part in the beta test for Pentest+.
    My opinion about this is:
    - CEH is "know the tools".
    - CySA+ is Blue Team
    - PenTest+ is more Red Team than CEH. It is a little more "use the tools" but far away from the level of an OCSP.

    If I have passed the PenTest+ beta testor if I have successfully passed a second attempt this year, I will not renew the CEH.
    I will not continue to pay 90€ per year for a certificate that everyone knows is far from keeping what it promises.
    My impression is that the CEH is not as valuable in Europe as it is in the USA.
    For the red team, OSCP, OSCE or GPEN are more important in Europe.
    I hope that the PenTest+ will be more accepted in Europe than the CEH.
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