IGMP Snooping L2

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Ever been a CCNA and all of a sudden you're expected to be applying CCIE level commands to a top secret facility...
So, I have been tasked with enabling qty. 125 4k cameras to be setup with multi-casting. After doing a little research I found out I need to enable my L3 (L3 Cisco 4500) as a querier and my other switches as just IP IGMP Snooping 'vlan id'. I ran it a couple times in the lab, and I can get all the cameras (VLC Players multicasting hehe) to communicate in the right vlan without sending IGMP messages to other vlans in the same L2. I still feel like I dont understand the protocol as much as I could though. Could someone please link me some helpful documentation (Looked at Cisco docs "eyes burning") that will help me understand this more, or help elaborate the L2 multicasting.

ps. I also saw some documentation on PIM if theres a router involved, is this necessary?
My top. is just L2 2960s at the edges and a L3 4500 >> asa >> into a MOE to the circuit.

If you need me to supply more info, as I'm a noobie please tell me.

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    what if you told them that these requirements are kind of advanced, and you could possibly have them to sign you up for a training with INE (or other known good training companies) or at least hand you their video packs to give you some guidence?

    you could do that to get a good training and you get better at what you are currently doing and help them succeeding as well.

    any way, a good read on multicast would be this ooooold book here:

    Developing IP Multicast Networks, Volume I

    besides the fact that it doesn't cover igmpv3, it is a good read to understand how multicast routing works, and specially how those operate on a lan, etc.
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    No problem. Tell them to hire a CCIE. :D
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    HI , IGMP and IGMP Snooping are tough subject, you don't need to be CCIE to understand but requires practice and readings. it's true that Cisco doc on this subject is very hard to grasp.. however if you need advice or info , I taught it quite a lot and use it on a daily basis. Contact me at clementduval2000 at hotmail .com and I can send you a presentation I made .
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    This guy has some great free stuff (Youtube > Decoding Packets)
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