How to Pass the Routing and Switching CCIE Lab Exam

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rm -rf /


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    That's what I like about these guys (the Brians)..... even when they are trying to sell you something, they give away a lot of great information for free!

    These guys (Internetwork Expert) have made it to the top of my list. NetMasters is a close #2.

    I still can't figure out from IPExpert's site if their workbook includes the solutions... or do you have to buy the Proctor guide to get the solutions? At least they removed the "bundle options" from each page and put it into a single page elsewhere. Now if they would just get rid of the Marketing 101 BS and actually describe clearly what they are selling....

    I figure I'm at least 3-4 months away from even thinking about lab workbooks
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    Very good and informative post. Darby weaver, you Mikej and darkuser are going to make me pull out my cisco gear again and get back started on those CCNA labs... icon_wink.gif

    Keep up the good posts.

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