Cybrary courses for CEUs for Securty+

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

My boss gave me permission to take Cybrary courses during downtime at work. I've taken several short courses on Cybrary and got their certificates indicating how many CEUs you can get.

IMHO, CompTIA is more than a little confusing with how their CEU structure works and all their limitations. Has anyone here successfully used Cybrary courses for their CompTIA re-certification.

I earned my Security+ a year ago and I want to use my quest for knowledge to get CEUs where possible.

Thanks in advance!

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    I renewed my Sec+ for another 3yrs by using FedVTE, Professor Messor live training events, CompTIA webinars, and Skillsoft training...It really just depends how long the videos are...Usually if they are an hour long, you gain 1hr of CEUs. I am not for certain if Cybrary is approved or not, you might email their support to verify that. Link below shows what training is approved.

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    The only requirement for CompTIA is that the training course gives completion certificates when you're done with the videos. I was watching the CISSP Cybrary videos, but I didn't watch them all, and instead downloaded the audio files. Therefore, I didn't get a completion certificate, so I'm not sure if they do or not. If they do, and it shows how many hours you "attended", then those will suffice.
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