CompTIA PenTest+ update

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Tried to access the link earlier and received an error. Waited an hour and tried again. Looks like we have some updated info on PenTest+


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    seems to be loading now. Looks like the release date is slated for July 31st and the price will be $346. There isn't a passing course yet as I assume their still reviewing the beta results. I do like that they make the chart comparing the test to CEH, GPEN and OSCP. However the chart kinda makes it look like it's closer to OSCP then the other exams, and that's really not true. Either way it was a great beta and I hope the actual exam and cert take off.
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    I downloaded the exam objectives pdf from CompTIA (again), and it looks like they set the passing score at 750.

    I agree. OSCP in my opinion is on a different level for sure. I think PenTest+ will eventually replace EC's Ethical Hacker once it gains popularity.
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    CompTIA is playing it fast and loose with the "performance based" checkbox comparison to OSCP
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    I think the only way EC Council would ever get replaced is if first the DoD and then WGU drops it from their cert lists -- mainly DoD. Then 5ish years from that date for HR to catch up to reality.
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