Exam Re-certification

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I have completed CCNA, CCNP ,CCNA Security and Cisco Edge Network Security (SENSS) and according to cisco exam tracking system my certifications expire in next year March.If I complete CCDA exam , will it save my all certificates(CCNA, CCNP ,CCNA Security and Cisco Edge Network Security (SENSS)) ?

Or do I have to complete a profession level exam ?


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    CCDA will only renew your Associate level certs. You will need to pass a Professional level exam in order to renew your CCNP.

    Your SENSS exam pass will no longer be valid after 3 years. You need to pass the other related exams in the track within 3 years in order for it to not expire.
    CCNA Security - 6/11/2018
    CCNP TShoot - 3/7/2018
    CCNP Route - 1/31/2018
    CCNP Switch - 12/10/2015
    CCNA R/S - 1/14/2015
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