CCDA/DP Quick Question

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Hey guys! Getting back on the cert horse this year lol. Any rumored changes to the 200-310 and/or 300-320 exams in the foreseeable future? I’d like to get the current Cisco press books and get started. I studied for the DA a couple of years ago but never took the exam. Thanks!


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    The CCDA is only like two years old I think?

    CCDP is about 3 years.

    I think there is definitely time to do CCDA before a revision is announced. Then see where CCDP is at once the time comes.
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    Thx for the reply - I should be able to get through the DA pretty quickly as a lot of the martial is just a review for me. I started the Cisco press cert guide this weekend after going through most of the CBT Nuggets... felt like each nugget should have been at least twice as long. Feels more like an overview than actual exam prep?
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    After reading through more of the book I would say that the CBT Nuggets for the DA are completely useless. I can't believe these were put out with such little detail?
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