Is 2950 Sw support ISL

chinamanchinaman Posts: 167Inactive Imported Users
I started reading the ICND book and in that book i found that 2950 support ISL according to the configuration, however I open my Sybex and it's telling me that 2950 only support 802.1q and you cannot combine or use both as a trunking protocol.

for example : a 2950 SW to a
let say 5 1900 SW running ISL as a trunking protocol is this possible?


  • bmaurobmauro Posts: 307Member
    From everything I've read the 2950 supports only dot1q and 1900 only support ISL so trunking between the two is not possible.

    Hopefully someone else can confirm this.
  • chinamanchinaman Posts: 167Inactive Imported Users
    Did you read the ICND book chapter 3 VLAN, I don't know why the author used the 2950 sw and 1900.
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