CASP opinions please

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Just passed Security Plus. I can't take CISSP until end of 2019. I'm not an Infosec guy but since my job is all purpose IT guy I try to touch on everything. Worth it to take CASP? Or just wait until I can take CISSP? I know CASP is harder in some ways, easier in others. Is this cert building enough momentum to make it worth it?


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    My "opinion" I would say CASP should be sufficient enough unless you're directly in the IA or cyber security field or sharp shooting for an IT director position than CISSP may be over kill.
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    Why not just get the CISSP this year and claim ISC2 Associate for a few months until you get the minimum exp requirement met?
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    Yoba's answer certainly is a solid answer.

    As a CASP holder who's studying for CISSP, I will say that CASP seemed to be a good starting point for me while preparing for CISSP. More technical in some areas than CISSP, less admin-focused (my opinion, YMMV) than CISSP, and far more advanced topics than SEC+ covered.

    If you're paying out of pocket, you'll definitely need to decide if paying for a cert just as a stepping stone to CISSP is really worth it. If your company is paying for it, can't hurt, but again Yoba's solution of sitting as an Associate is spot on.
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