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Hello everybody,

I’m new on this forum, just registered a few Ago icon_smile.gif

I already read a punch of threats before my subscription, because I wish to become a CISSP specialist as well!
I got some ideas for the learning path (in particular, 11th hours seams very high recommended)!
but I wonder no one talked about online courses like SimpliLearn, Career Academic... are they so bad or completely unuseful?



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    My CISSP training course was $4K. It gave me one voucher for the exam, a free re-take if I somehow failed the first time, lots of course material, and of course, a live instructor to interact with-who was also an CISSP.

    I also had a list of resources that are the biggies in most conversations, that I used as my primary source of material. The bootcamp was taken right before I took the exam. With the resources, the class and a few days of study afterwards I passed only answering 100 questions.
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    Hi Flyslinger,

    Thanks for your reply!
    Can I know what’s your background?
    Actually, I received a few adv for the bootcamp courses but I always wonder how a 4 days bootcamp course can help pass CISSP exam (if I understand, the last day is a exam simul day)?!
    About book, someone recommend 11th hour and other Sybex.
    What’s your recommendation?
    Oh yes, can I know what was your “list of resources”?

    My background: I was IT Manager for more than 25 years (in Europe and I migrated to the US one year ago), a sort of “generalist”, now I like to restart my career as a specialist and I choose the IT security...
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