CISM Passed 1st attempt

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Greetings everybody !

I would like to give you some info, if it may help on passing this exam.

1)Certification Knowledge :
I decided after passing the CISSP in November that I needed a new quick challenge and of course additional knowledge on Information Security at a more Manager-level. I had 2 months to study for a certification and I chose this one according to a friend recommendation.

I didn't work it as hard as CISSP and the knowledge was a bit less my "cup of tea", interesting but not as thrilling as CISSP knowledge, for sure !

I studied some hours after work, mostly on weekdays, with a video course that I found here : Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) | IT University Online
I had it and several others for a very good price (deal on hackersdeal)
The video are ok but not that wonderful ! I guess they also needed to be refresh.

I never bought the book/manual but after the video course I rehearse on the 1001 QAE by ISACA.

These happened to be the best things to do. Without this preparation, it seems hard to succeed IMO.

I did the 1001 questions in 2 weeks, especially reviewing the "missed last seen" till I achieved a decent score of 80-85%

2) Exam location : unfortunately, my exam location in the 10th of Paris happened to be noisy and the exam room was overcrowded. That didn't help to succeed and I mention it in the ISACA survey at the end of the exam. The good point is that they had earplug and that helped me to concentrate.

3) Some questions were on the same level as the ISACA QAE, some were harder, according to me.
I did a 1st pass, always answering as best as I can and marking questions where there was doubt.
That took me 2h15

On the 2nd pass, I read them all once again and took more time on the difficult ones.
But around the questions 120 out of 150, my brain didnt want to answer anymore. It was 30 min left so I never reviewed the 30 last ones, I was fed up !

I submit and said (in little) that I passed ! GREAT !

Now I'm considering watching the CISA video course from the same provider and sees if it is something that can attract me.
Might be interesting in CHFI also, just for the knowledge.



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    Congratulations! I find some test centres are betters than others, the last test centre I did the CISM wasn't so great either.
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    Congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif Not sure if it was the test center, but the testing engine restarted a couple of times when I took my exam back in December last year.
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    My CISM test centre was very poor. CISSP one was much better!
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