MASPT - Walking on to Mobile Pen Testing

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Hi All,

Further to my obsession with OSCP for over a couple of years, I finally passed at the start of this year. I'm starting on MASPT Mobile Pen testing by eLearnSecurity. I bought this course over two years back when it was as V1 (Version one). (Had a second thought that OSCP was tough being a beginner and let me specialise in Mobile Pen testing). Later determined not to take the step back in OSCP even if it takes time. Then I was more focussed into OSCP and hence did not continue this course (MASPT), in the meantime eLearnSecurity has updated their course to V2.

I have started the introduction part with V1. I'm yet to check with eLearnSecurity for the V2 upgrade and its cost. I will update once or twice a week based on my progress to keep up my spirits and my experience and lesson learnt for others. I really enjoyed the_grinch's diary on MASPT. I believe he has completed the course.

Introduction part deals mainly about the Mobile market and top10 Mobile vulnerabilities and malware's history. It is quite interesting. Also, I do have Pentester Academy subscription where I will refer to those videos during my study to strengthen the knowledge. Mainly focussing on Android part for now and then iOS at later part. There is always a possibility when we learn from more than one source, we tend to grasp more information & learn a lot.

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