Passed the 70-697 today & 70-698 two weeks ago. 70-398 next.

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Hello everyone!

As the title suggests I'm a newly minted MCSA holder. And my journey began April 20th. I have been giving myself two weeks per exam and using as my primary method of study. What I have been doing is watching the videos and attempting to mimic what they are doing. In addition to any course labs that the instructor provides.

I did sign up for the trial of Microsoft Azure as Pluralsight suggested and TBH it's extremely unlikely you will pass if you don't. Both exams were loaded with Intune questions that you only can learn if you play around with it. And for what you all probably came to this thread for, the 70-697. Yes, that exam was rough. I have around 17 certs and it was near the top in difficultly as I do not have 10+ years of experience.

You need to know scanstate, know NFTS permissions, know about workgroup/homegroups, Bit-Locker, and App-V to perfection. If you have a strong grasp of those topics I think you should pass but make sure you know all of the exam content.

But that is my write up and thank you all for the support! I'm going to give myself 4 weeks for the 70-398 so I can learn Powershell prior to taking it.


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    Good luck, just a heads up 398 is retiring 7/31. I plan on circling back around for the Mobility MCSE via 695 <eventually> unless MS ax'es that one too. I want to finish what I'm doing with 742, and hopefully 744 first.

    I need to lab up SCCM/WDS/MDT and some more enterprise deployment stuff to have a chance on 695.
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    I did not know that....Gosh Microsoft can be so frustrating with their certifications sometimes. But oh well as long as I get the MCSE title and learn powershell in the process it will justify career advancement.
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    Pluralsight is actually what I used to prepare. They are great videos.
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