Passed GSNA

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For this being a basic course it really did dive into a lot of technical stuff. I would honestly say listening to the on demand and making sure your index is solid will help considerably. A lot of the material that was covered in the books didn’t make much sense and I had to go back and revisit a few items. The practice exams do help give you an idea on what to prepare for on the exam. It wasn’t too difficult but I wouldn’t take it lightly. I’m definetly relieved to have pass this one.
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    I've seen auditors pass more "prestigious" certs relevant to their jobs and fail to this one :) so I wouldn't say it's a "basic" one at all. Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif
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    I had heard CISA was harder than this one. I’m not going to lie there was a lot of material from the networking section that wasn’t explain quite well. Some of the examples in the books are easy to reference with the exception of a few things. I had to listen to the on demand in order to understand the concepts better. I will say during the test some of the examples don’t really help answering the questions. You really do have to know your stuff.
    Goals: AWS Solutions Architect; OSCP; GPYC; GSE; CISSP
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    I'm seriously considering this exam but I am going the self study route. What books or materials would you recommend for this? Thanks!
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    Personally found the GSNA much harder than CISA. Actually found a lot of material in the exam that was not covered in the books/course and I had to use experience along with intelligent guessing :).
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    charismaticx - Congratulations on this one. icon_thumright.gif

    scasc - With your certifications, it can hardly be considered as intelligent guessing. icon_cheers.gif
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    Appreciate the compliment, many thanks :)
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