CISSP vs SSCP? Which one to take?

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Hi All,

Just after some assistance in the path to take towards either the SSCP or the CISSP exam. I have 8 years of work experience in a system admin role, but am unsure if it is in one of the domains covered in the exam. I checked the website and they don't really go into detail on what is an example of meeting the requirements.

I heard SSCP is more of a technical exam so wondering if that would be a better path as i'm not looking into going into management any time soon?

Really just a tone of questions that are floating around in my head that i'm after answers for from the guys/gals that have been there and done it before.

I've already got a load of certificates - recently passing the CCNA Cyber Ops as part of the 10 scholarship program.

Looking through the other posts they cover going into DOD etc, although i'm just looking to move into the Cyber Security field. Let me know if you need more information to help me out.



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    Well I took the SSCP last year on my way to CISSP. You should download the outline and map your experience to each domain. I bet that you can map at least 1 year from your last 5 years. You only need 1 year of experience to be eligible for SSCP.
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    Based on the information provided, I am sure you meet the work experience requirements for the the CISSP. As long as you engaged in the tasks that are noted in the exam outline, e.g. dealing with certificates or performing network security responsibilities that it would align with the requirements. You have to ensure that you have a fairly broad range of experience to cover enough of the domains.

    IMO - You're probably better off obtaining the CISSP to get through the HR filter down the road and reducing the effort going from SSCP then to CISSP. If your primary goal is to have your technical work experience validated by the SSCP, that would be your direction; otherwise for general security CISSP is your main goal.
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